Ryuuko Tsuka


Ryuuko Tsuka is a Wellness reward business supported by Cryptocurrency and other leading technologies.


Medit8.me is a health and wellness website with three objectives:
  1. 1.
    To create life-changing habits for its viewers through incentivisation, building mental and physical fitness, contributing towards a healthier, happier and more financially secure life.
  2. 2.
    Provide a simple and effective platform for content creators to - giving control to content creators without taking ownership of their content, and providing a place to sell thier products and services.
  3. 3.
    To provide a sustained income for our cryptocurrency ($RYUTSUKA) share price and NFT holders.
Access to the site content is 100% free - making the platform completely accessible to everyone. Further more, there is no requirement to create any kind of account, or username making it fast and hassle free to use.
Rewards (in the form of USDC) and special boosts to USDC rewards are only available to holders of $RYUTSUKA tokens and NFT holders.


  • People seeking wellness activities and rewards - You go to Medit8.me and watch various fitness, meditation, and wellness content, at the end of each video you can paste your cryptoo wallet address into the box provided and receive USDC rewards every month.
  • Content providers - Create and upload your content, add your store, paid services, integrate with your other social media. As our users are rewarded for viewing your content you'll get the benefit of an instant large audience for your content.
Medit8.me provides you points for every video you watch. All videos are created by our community via 'sanctuaries' - these are personal spaces we create for you. At the end of the month, points are converted to USDC and paid out to holders of the $RYUTSUKA token.


  • Ryuuko Tsuka's native currency is on the Ethereum Network with ticker $RYUTSUKA. $RYUTSUKA launched July 2022 as a proof of concept, with full launch Oct 2022. Revenue streams are used to reward $RYUTSUKA holders with $TSUKA (a separate project) in the form of automatic token airdrops (known as 'reflections'), and to fill a rewards pool for wellness activity incentivisation (in the form of USDC).


In order to ensure the success of Medit8 and the Ryuuko Tsuka Cryptocurrency, this programme will be utilising many other leading technologies, such as:
This whitepaper provides details on all aspects of the Medit8 programme, its cryptocurrency Ryutsuka.


Our Cryptocurrency launched July 2022, charging a taxation on all trade. This taxation is used to
  • provide purchasers of $RYUTSUKA tokens with Dejitaru Tsuka $TSUKA automatic token airdrops, known as 'reflections'.
  • Fill a USDC reward pool for views of content on Medit8.me.
Our token was initially inspired by TSUKA, reportedly @RyoshiResearch’s crypto project (of Shiba INU fame) – and particularly shares their values around community spirit, collaboration and wellness. At launch, RyuukoTsuka had two main objectives. Firstly - to build a utility that delivers a tangible difference to people’s lives, in the form of wellness sessions. And in times of recession and hardship, to reward and incentivise these changes to people’s lives using (amongst other options) USDC rewards. Secondly – in the spirit of collaboration, to provide valuable reflection payments in TSUKA.
Medit8 launched with seven short videos, each encouraging holders to take up to five minutes out of their day to address their well-being and mental health. When a holder participates in these guided activities, they will earn points which during proof of concept (up to the end October 2022) was automatically converted to USDC and airdropped to their wallets, the move to a new mobile app introduces a whole new array of point earning, boosting and spending options, with the same ability to convert to USDC cryptocurrency.

Proof Of Concept

Medit8 proof of concept launched July 2022. 7 wellness related videos were added each week by the team, with only 14 wellness videos live at any one time. Videos posted older than 14 days old were archived and points for those videos could no longer be received. Since then our system has recorded thousand of views - watching on average 5 minute wellness activities.
415 Hours of fitness and wellness views just on PoC! As Medit8 expands to include in-built advertising coming to our content, hundreds of new features and videos provided directly through our personal sanctuary areas, we're confident our product will have an incredible journey ahead. Thanks for reading and joining in your own new journey to a better and more financially stable you.